Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skinny Notepads

Hey!  Here are a few of the Skinny Notepads I've made.  The notepads measure 2.5 inches by 8 inches.  I made 20 of these.  I'm just showing you the 2 different styles I did.  Each has different paper, but they all either have a felt flower (made with the BLOSSOM PARTY DIE and the BIG SHOT.  Felt came from  This is the highest quality felt there is.  Highly recommend it.  Comes in alot of colors.), or they have a quote stamped on them.  I will be selling them for $1.50 at the craft fair.

The notepads also came from  They were $6 for 10.  But from what I understand, you can purchase bigger notepads from anywhere and have them cut to whatever size you want at Staples.  So you could make these any size.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a bunch (about 15) side-step cards I made today.  Got the tutorial for this type of card from  They were SO much fun to make.  And it really creates a WOW! effect.

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