Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good friends and a Mother's Day Card

Hey! My friend Tiffany called me this morning to let me know she was looking at my blog and was "loving" so much that I've made lately. She had said that she went to the blog hoping to find a Mother's Day card for a little inspiration to make one herself. I hadn't made one yet so I told her that I'd make one and post it today. So here's my finished project.......

Pretty, right?  But guess what?  That felt flower with the ribbon has super powers.  No, really.  You don't believe me?  Watch this.......

That's right!  It slips off the card and becomes a bookmark!  Here's how I did it......

I cut out flowers from felt using the BIG SHOT.  Glued them all together and attached them to the ribbon.  Now comes the fun part.....  Here's what the Bookmark looks like all put together without the card~

Here's how I "folded" it around the card so I didn't have to glue it down.  I wanted it to be easily removable. 

Wrapped it around the inside of my card and "tucked it" through my sentiment.  The hint to this is to only adhere your sentiment at the sides.  No adhesive in the middle.  Fold over the flower, and there you have it!  A bookmark card.  Fabulous!!!!!  I'm so glad my mother's an avid reader-I know she'll get a lot of good out of this. 

Oh and by the way Tiffany~ since you came to my blog for inspiration and didn't find it.......I have a free "kit" for you to make this.  I'll bring it to you Tuesday night!

Back later with the Side-step card~


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