Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm still here

Hey long lost friends.  I've been working every spare minute (almost literally-ask my family!) on stuff for the craft fair.  After all this prep time, I tell you one thing.....if this craft fair doesn't go well, I don't know if I'll ever want to try another one again!  I've had some time to post though but my camera's batteries were dead and we had no AA's in the house.  It finally dawned on me yesterday to "steal" a couple from a Wii remote.  So that brings me to some pics of a few things I've been doing..... (bear with me-there is alot of pics)

I cased this card from the Occasions Mini.  I made about 20 of them-I will be selling them as a set of 6 for $8 in a card box.  They are still missing the sentiments on them. 

These are "mini composition notebooks".  I found them for $1 for a set of 3 at Dollar General.  I will be selling them in sets of 2 for $4.  They are packaged in a cello bag with a bag topper, but I took them out to take the pics. 

A "With Love and Caring" card that I have duplicated about 12 times:  (Made from the wonderful stamp set THANKS FOR CARING from the Occasions mini.)

Baby Onesie cards:  I've made about 30 of them.  I'll sell them for $2.50/piece.

Sympathy card:  also from the THANKS FOR CARING stamp set.

Cute, cute, cute cards made with the versatile OWL PUNCH.  Sorry for the glare, they are in clear envelopes.

Post-it note holder w/ mini pen.  These are SO much fun to make.  They are quick and easy as well.  You can find the instruction video on how to make these on Dawns Stampin Thoughts.  The pens I purchased on sale for $1.99 for 12 at Staples.  They fit perfectly!  The flowers are made from the DAISIES #2 Die for the BIG SHOT from SU.  THese are also in a cello bag with bag topper.  Selling them for $3.

Tag bags.  10 in a pkg (assorted) for $1.  Made with the TWO TAGS DIE.  I also have Bookmark bags made with the same die.  Just no TO and FROM on them and no hole punched at top for string.

MY FAVORITE!>>>>>>>>>

Spinner cards.  Wish you could see these in person....they are so stinkin' cute.  I have made about 10 or 15 of these, then ran out of dimensionals so I had to stop.  Think I'll pick up some cheap ones somewhere this week to make more of these cards.  I think since they are interactive and move-they will be a big hit.  I'm going to sell them for $2.50.  It's so much fun to tilt the card left and right to watch the owl twirl!

This is what I do at night when I am watching tv or waiting in the pick up line at the school waiting for the kids to get out.  I've got about 60 girls here, and about 60 more stamped and ready to color.  Then I'll just slap them on some cards.  It's much easier to Mass-produce these this way.  Since these cards take me longer to make, they will be selling for $2.50.  All other "regular" single cards are gong to be $2 or 6 for $10. 
Ok...that's it for now.  That post wore me out!  I'll post some more pics of things in a few days (maybe Monday.) Hoping to get some more tiles done today and some special other things I haven't shown yet. 

Have a wonderful blessed Easter.  And don't forget to thank the Lord for what he did for you 2,000+ years ago.  I try to do this on a daily basis, but this weekend is a great time to reflect on it and be ever so thankful for his amazing love. 

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