Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Acrylic Frame Post It Holder

Here is a sample of some Post-It Note holders I am making for the craft fair.  They are made out of a 4x6 frame from Dollar General.  But you can find these anywhere. 
I just cut a piece of paper to 4x6 and inserted it where you would normally put your photo.  Then I adhered a pad of post-it's and a little piece of ribbon to hold the mini gel pen from Staples.  I plan on selling these for either $4 or $5.  Leaning towards the $5 though.

I tied extra ribbon around the whole thing to keep people (kids!) from flipping through the post-it's at the craft fair.

I'm counting down the days till the fair.....  11 to go!  But I'm not counting down because I'm excited.  I'm counting down b/c it means that is when I can stop working so stinkin' hard!

Back tomorrow to show you some skinny notepads~


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