Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finshed Cards

I'm on a roll.  It's only 10:15 and I've made 9 cards so far this morning.  I plan to get alot done today for the craft fair I have coming up.  Here are my finished 9 cards.  What should I charge for them?  I want to make sure I price them to sell, not to high.  But at the same time, the quality of these cards are far superior to other cards I tend to make.  Hmmmmmm.............

 Glossy Accents on the Apple

My favorite is this last one.  It reminds me of my daughter so much.  Not the way she looks, but her personality.  It's as if someone took out their camera to take her picture and she immediately struck a pose with a little sassy attitude!  LOVE IT!

I'll be back later when my motivation to be crafty has run out to show you my storage for all my new single cling stamps.

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  1. Jess, these cards are amazingly cute! What to charge that is a hard one...maybe $4 a took a lil more time! They are adorable!


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