Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini Magazine Card Holder

Hey.  So....I'm going crazy from being couped up in this blizzard.  Hubby spent hours shoveling the 20 inches that turned into 3 foot snow drifts in our driveway.  After dinner, we were finally able to get out of the house and took a little drive around town to see all the snow everyone got.  Craziness I tell ya!  All these snow days having my kids (and hubby) home keeps me busy and out of my craft room.  So after we got back from our drive,  I told my hubby I was locking myself in my craft room to be "crafty" before American Idol comes on......can't miss that!  So this is what I made.  I found the instructions here:

Hope you like it.  Tomorrow I'm going to make matching cards to go inside.  Right now I just filled it up w/ misc. cards so you could see it filled.  I easily fit 10 cards inside.

stay warm and safe-


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