Friday, January 14, 2011

A miracle in a $4 bottle

Some say that miracles are priceless.....I beg to differ.  Because the miracle I bought at Michael's cost me $4.  But it just might be the best $4 I've ever spent.  A lot of my friends are skeptics when it comes to the new clear mount stamps from Stampin' Up.  They say that they have a hard time with the stamps "clinging" to the blocks.  I only have this problem on occasion, but my friends often use my stamps too.  I'm a bit of a people pleaser, so after doing a little research, I bought this bottle of "Aleene's Tack It Over & Over" at Michael's.  Using a foam brush, you just apply a thin layer of the re-positional glue on the part of the stamp that "clings" to the clear acrylic block.  Then let it dry overnight.  And like magic, instant cling-age (it's a word in the JRob dictionary if you mush know!) to your clear block.  Just please blot the stamp onto you pants or shirt a few times before you cling it to your block for the first time.  It's a little to cling-ish if you don't!  

Sidenote-I'm also using this miracle in a bottle to de-mount all my wood block stamps and converting them to the cling style so I can use them on clear blocks.  I just microwave the stamp for 10 seconds to losen the adhesive on the foam.  Then I remove the stamp and foam from the block, the apply the glue to the foam as above.  Loving the results!

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  1. Totally, completely agree!!! Why I didn't find this earlier amazes me. :) Following from SC #334.


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