Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Blog Virgin

Hello everyone! I must let you in on a little secret-(shush, don't tell anyone.) I'm a virgin-a blog virgin that is. This is a new venture for me, a very scary one. But one I've wanted to do for a while. I told myself the other day that I want to spend more time creating. I said, "Self, I want to make something everyday." So that's my goal. Now all of you who know me know how big of a procrastinator I am, so we'll see how this goes! That's where my blog comes in.....I'll be (hopefully) posting my creation(s) everyday. Feel free to stop by my blog when you need a little inspiration or some ideas when you are crafting. You can also subscribe to my blog to get updates when I post. So here it goes.....I'm diving in-I sure hope the water's not cold...........
Back later with my creation of the day! Peace out-


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