Thursday, May 5, 2011

SOOO Done and SOOO Over It

I've officially hit a wall.  If I have to create anything else, I swear I'll fall over.  I've done nothing but work, work, work  on stuff for the craft fair.  I'm mentally, emotionally and most frustratingly physically exhausted.  I don't want to see paper, stamps, ink or my BiG SHOT for a good while.  I hope I didn't burn myself out for good. 

Anyway, I figured I'd let you all know what kind of "inventory" I'm going armed with for Saturday.  Then, Sunday or Monday I'll post how well the fair went and what my most popular items were.  So here it goes:

-4 Mini Composition Books for $2.50 each  (2 in a pkg)
-12 Tag Bags @ $1 each (10 tags and string per bag)
-11 Ribbon Bookmarks like I made on my Mother's Day Card @ $3 each
-12 Post-It Note Holders with Pens for $2.50 each
-8 Magnetic Build-a-bear Tins @ $5 each(Going to personalize on the Spot with Child's name)

-17 Magnetic Skinny Notepads for $1.50 each
-12 sets of Tile Coasters @ $5 (4 to a pkg)
-5 acrylic frame Post-It holders w/ Pens @ $5 each
-21 boxes (6 cars to a box) of simple notecards with envelopes @ $5/box
                               YES, THAT'S 126 CARDS JUST IN BOXES!

-11 Birthday Cards
-33 Baby Cards
-11 Sympathy Cards
-18 Thank You Cards
-21 Spinner Cards 

All Cards (besides Spinners) will be $2/each or 6 for $10.  Even the Copic cards.  It was just easier that way.  Spinners will be $2.50/each.

Now do you see why I'm exhausted? 

So I will be taking a break from creating for a while.  Maybe a week or so-we'll see how it goes.  Gotta get my Mojo back.  But I will be posting random thoughts (non-creative related) for those of you that are so bored that you'd care to read them!  Hopefully they make you laugh or smile or might possibly make you believe I've got some nuts and bolts that are a little loose! 

Say a little prayer for me Saturday!  Hope it goes well.  I really don't want to go home with all this stuff. 

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