Saturday, March 12, 2011

So you're one of those.........

Are you one of those people that think they don't need the owl punch?  I was too until I saw numerous uses for it (other than making owls) on alot of blogs.  Reindeer, Ghosts, Flowers, Penguins.  Just by making your cardstock a different color and making a few snips here and there-you get something new!  Check this out:
Isn't this amazing?!  I made it using the Owl punch and the larger of the two scallop circle punches!  I found the idea for it here:

So my goal over my next few posts is to convince you that you do need the owl punch.  Let's see how many ways I can find to use it!



  1. Sopretty - Thanks for sharing! I’m your newest follower from SC - #367 Kendra Richardson.
    You can find me @

  2. So, I vow to never look at your blog again cause you always convince me to buy something I didn't have on my list! Love it! (and I'm just kidding by the way!)



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